Pagar BRC (Galvanized Fence) adalah pagar siap pasang terbuat dari material besi U-50 yang sangat praktis dan berpenampilan menarik.  Lembaran pagar ini dibentuk dahulu, kemudian dilapisi galbani dengan cara  hot dip (celup panas 465ºC) atau electroplating, sehingga terjamin ketahanannya terhadap bahaya korosi/karat. Anda tidak perlu melakukan perawatan maupun pengecatan ulang untuk jangka waktu yang lama karena kualitas galbaninya yang unggul.

>> Keunggulan (Advantages) :

  • Tahan karat (Bebas perawatan)
  • Praktis (Pemasangan mudah)
  • Ekonomis (Harga produk dan pemasangan relatif lebih murah)
  • Aman (Kuat dan berfungsi sebagai security fence dengan baik)
  • Fleksible (Dapat direlokasi ke area lain tanpa merusak pagar)
  • Desain minimalis (Penampilan yang menarik, simple, dan minimalis)

>> Peruntukan (Applications):
Berfungsi sebagai pagar pengaman/pembatas untuk berbagai property seperti:

  • Rumah tinggal / Perumahan / Taman
  • Pertokoan / Perkantoran
  • Pabrik / Pergudangan
  • Pelabuhan / Depo Kontainer
  • Lapangan olah raga / Sekolah / Bandara Udara
  • Tower BTS / Berbagai Proyek
  • Dll


>> Spesifikasi dan Ukuran Pagar BRC (Galvanized Fence)

No Pagar Tiang Finishing
Tinggi (cm) Panjang (cm) Diameter (mm) Tinggi (cm) Diameter (inch) Galvanized
1 90 240 6 / 7 / 8 120 1,5 / 2,0 Electroplating / Hot Dip
2 120 240 6 / 7 / 8 150 1,5 / 2,0 Electroplating / Hot Dip
3 150 240  6 / 7 / 8 175 1,5 / 2,0 Electroplating / Hot Dip
4 175 240 6 / 7 / 8 200/225 1,5 / 2,0 Electroplating / Hot Dip
5 190 240 6 / 7 / 8 225/240 1,5 / 2,0 Electroplating / Hot Dip
6 240 240 6 / 7 / 8 300 2,0 Electroplating / Hot Dip
7 240 6 / 7 / 8 1,5 / 2,0 Electroplating / Hot Dip


>> Finishing Galvanized, tersedia dalam 2 pilihan galvanized/galbani, yaitu:

  • Hot Dip Galvanized (permukaan lebih kasar; ketahanan terhadap korosi 8-10 tahun; bisa dilampiri sertifikat galvanis hot dip)
  • Electroplating / UCP Galvanized (permukaan lebih halus; ketahanan terhadap korosi 2-4 tahun)

pagar brc _01

Keterangan Teknis Pagar BRC® Tebal Galbani-Hot Dip (Mikron; average)
Pagar 75
Tiang / Rangka pintu
Tebal pipa baja min.2 mm dan max. 2,3 mm
Tutup Tiang Baja
Terbuat dari pelat baja setebal 2 mm
U Clip
Terbuat dari pelat baja setebal 1,2 mm
50 – 75
Mur / Baut 50 – 75
Angkur (Jeruji)
Terbuat dari baja mutu U-50, dia.6 mm dan 7 mm


>> Keuntungan Galvanizing :

  • Melindungi besi atau baja (pagar) terhadap karat dalam jangka waktu yang lama
  • Tidak memerlukan biaya pemeliharaan
  • Tidak memerlukan pengecatan (pengecatan bisa dilakukan jika menginginkan warna tetentu, selera)
  • Melindungi permukaan besi atau baja (pagar, tiang dan pintu) terhadap goresan
  • Proses instalasi cepat, praktis, dan ekonomis




Welded Steel Wire Mesh (BRC) / Reinforcement Wire Mesh

  • Conformed with MS 145:2001 & Ms 145:2006
  • Steel Reinforcement material
  • Used to replacing the traditional “Cut & Bend” and placing of steel thermo-mechanical treated bars
  • Offer better strength, integration and longer work time compared with other wire mesh products
  • Mesh in an electric fusion welded prefabricated reinforcement consisting of a series of parallel longitudinal; wires with accurate spacing welded to cross wires at the required spacing.
  • Better anchorage & crack control
  • Able transfer strength & bond strength
  • Any kinds of specification are decided by customer’s requirement (Cut-To-Size / Bending are available)



  • Reinforcing steel is necessary in practically all types of concrete construction. Concrete is weak in tension; consequently, reinforcement must be used to purpose because high yield strength cold-drawn wires of small size and close spacing can be combined to provide well distributed tensile reinforcement that is entirely adequate and economical .



(1) Less steel required.

Due to higher working stress allowed in building codes, standard specifications for welded wire mesh made from cold drawn wire , a saving is made in steel purchased, transported. Handled and installed.

(2) Uniform steel distribution.

Welded wire mesh provides proper distribution of steel reinforcing throughout the concrete slab. It has smaller steel members that are closely and uniformly spaced, and accurately placed at all points of maximum stress. This typed of reinforcement distributes load stresses widely and equally throughout the concrete slab.

(3) Design requirements may be accurately fulfilled.

Welded wire mesh is available in a wide range of styles to meet accurate design requirements. The reinforcement is prefabricated in the factory, preventing omission or misplacement of steel in the fields.

(4) Quickly and economically placed.

No laying of single bars, cutting bending and knotting of single bars needed. A saving in installation labor expense is made possible by a reinforcement furnished to the job in sheets, which are easily and speedily placed in the desired position.


RAW MATERIAL – Our steel wire rod is purchased from Hadeed Jubail (Saudi Iron and steel Co.) Being a part of the International Group of BRC. British reinforced concrete, testing are performed in our laboratory to ensure the quality supplied meets the highest international standards.

WIRE MESH – Our BRC mesh is manufactured to meet BS4483, DIN 488, ASTMA 185 AND 497. Our Quality Control Department is equipped with the latest electronic equipment to ensure these high standards are maintained throughout all stages of manufacture. Test certificates are issued on request the minimum tensile achieved to cover the above standers are:

Yield Strength – 500 N/mm2

Ultimate Strength – 550 N/mm2

WIRE DIANETTERS – 4 mm – 12 mm

SPECIAL SHEETS – Where the quantity is sufficient to justify an economical production run, we can produce sheets in any width up to 3.2 meters and in any length up to 12 meters.


BRC Weldfence is manufactured from high tensile strength steel wires that are welded together by electrical fusion to provide accurate panel and mesh dimensions.

This fencing system is strong and easy to put up. The rolled top and bottom gives each individual panel perfect rigidity so that tensioning is not required.

BRC Weldfence offers flexibility for practical and aesthetic purposes. Individual panels can be easily replaced. The 50 mm spacing between vertical wires also enables the panels to be cut accurately for non- standard lengths and aesthetic purposes. Its durability reduces maintenance cost to a minimum.

This fencing system is able to retain its shape and strength for many years because it is pre-welded.

The fencing system comes complete with panels and fencing posts, in either hot dip galvanised or polyester powder coated. It is pre-drilled and ready for assembly on site.

Where it takes creativity and strength to outline the boundaries of commercial, industry, recreational or residential properties, the solution lies with BRC Weldfence. It’s simply better!

BRC Weldfence is manufactured in Singapore by BRC Asia Limited, established since 1938.

Standard Hot Dip Galvanised Weldfence – both panels and posts are dipped in molten zinc to maximize durability. Accessories are also hot dip galvanised.

Customised Gate and Fencing System – offers architects, contractors and the building owners a choice to fence up their premises with matching gates and fencing systems.

Polyester Powder Coated Weldfence – powder coated exterior of about 80 microns thick for added protection, as well as providing exciting colour choices for architects to select for their clients. Currently, seven colours are available.
Double – panel High Fencing Systems – ideally suited for sports and recreational complexes, and high security installations.
Alternative Fixing Systems – using base plates to mount on the existing retaining wall.
Security Weldfence – its strength and durability, and the ease of connection for electronic security devices make it a popular choice for security fencing.