LYSAGHT Prestige Panel II


The LYSAGHT PRESTIGE® Panel II is an improved versionof its predecessor, a quality product which provides a wider choice of durable and functional wall claddings to building designs in the region.

  • Roll formed and available in three Clean COLORBOND® pre-painted steel systems with a wide range of colours to choose from.
  • High-strength design can be used exterior and interior walls, ceilings as well as soffits.
  • Panels are factory corrective-leveled during roll – forming to provide the flatest product possible.
  • Available perforated for acoustical applications.

Custom-cut lengths are available in countinous length (up to 12000mm)


  • Vertical surface cladding
  • Walling
  • Fascias
  • Feature wall, ceiling and fencing


Roofing & Walling
Finishes available
Standard BMT
0.55 mm



Length +0, -15mm

Cover Width +- 4mm, Rib height +- 0.5mm

  • Roll-formed from ZINCALUME® steel
  • Available in three Clean COLORBOND® prepainted steel systems with a wide range of colors to choose from
  • Choice of three distinctive concealed fastener profiles
  • Compatible trim and accessories available
  • High-strength design can be used for exterior and interior walls, and soffits
  • Panels are factory corrective-leveled during roll-forming to provide the flattest product possible
  • Perforated available for acoustical applications


Can be custom-cut to your size requirements in continuous lengths (up to 12,000mm)

Physical Properties



L < 12m (Available custom-cut* to size requirements in continuous lengths)


Length + 0, -15mm
Cover Width +/- 4mm
Rib Height +/- 0.5mm


For available colors, please check our Color Chart

Oil Canning

Flat metal surfaces (e.g. LYSAGHT® PRESTIGE® Panel II) will display waviness commonly referred to as oil canning. This is caused by steel mill tolerances. Oil canning is a characteristic and not a defect. It results from panels manufactured from light gauge metal. Panels should be factory corrective leveled to minimize oil canning. Oil canning is not a valid reason for panel rejection.