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Kode : H967
Berat : 300 gram
Kondisi : Baru
Dilihat : 183 kali
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The 967 Silicone Lubricant is use to aid the installation of blocks which are tightly fitted.

The silicone remains soft a low temperatures and will not dry out over long periods of time ensuring that future modifications to the transit will not be impeded.

Hawke recommends 1 our Lubricant Ref.967 for each 3 apertures.



Lubricants are to be used in all installations to assure the proper sealing performance. Lubricant is a kind of animal grease, which is natural and non-corrosive. It is applied to the surface of modules,Clamping device, internal walls of frames, and separating boards, to not only lubricate the surface but improve insulation performance of transits as well..


Lubricant DetailsWhy is lubricant used and how much is needed?

Silicone lubricant is used as an installation aid. At installation lubricant is smeared onto the inside of the frames and on all surfaces of the blocks to prevent binding of rubber components in the close tolerance installation. The silicone doesn’t harden and also assists future disassembly should modification be required. It should be noted that Hawke 967 Lubricant is not an adhesive-..

One tube of lubricant is sufficient for 3 x size 8 apertures.




Hawke Transit System

HTS – Hawke Transit System

Hawke Transit System – HTS is a manufacturer of cable and pipe modular sealing systems.

The company has over 30 years experience in product development, system design, supply and installation and has supplied major projects in a variety of industries around the world.

The Hawke Transit System was first developed over 25 years ago to meet the harsh and hazardous demands of the North Sea Oil Industry. It has since developed for use in many diverse industries.

As a fire barrier it is a means to maintain the integrity of a firewall, bulkhead or deck through which cables, pipes and other services pass. It will also seal against and exhibit resistance to: water, gas, smoke, vermin, radiation,chemicals, explosion, UV Light, EMC and it also exhibits noise attenuation properties.

The Hawke Transit System is the most user friendly modular sealing device on the market. It also boasts the best system compression.

It does not need any on-site modifications. The cable blocks incorporate a colour coding system to minimize incorrect installation.

The cable blocks have five sealing faces so that the best possible grip is achieved.

The cable range is also marked on the blocks to aid with on-site inspect-ability.




Fireproof and watertight transit system HAWKE International


HAWKE transit system was developed for applications with great emphasis on security and protection of cables and is capable of resisting these influences and environments:

• Fire

• Water

• Gas

• Chemicals

• Smoke

• Explosion


• Noise

• Rodents 

The most common HAWKE transit system in telecommunications, military industry, construction of tunnels, construction of shopping centres, nuclear power plants, hydro power plants, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry and the marine industry.

Type HRT


 Round transit frame, which is supplied in

 types 30,40,50,70,100,150 and 200mm.

 It is suitable for usage in round holes,

 where sealing  is done by tightening nuts

 around the perimeter of the head plate.

 The metallic head and rear plates at the

 same time pull and push the middle black

 rubber ring, thus sealing the assembly

 hole in the wall. At the same time, the

 cable modules are pushed to the centre of

 the passage and thus to overall sealing of

 the entire cable passage.

Type HMX

 Type: HMX

The steel ring of the cable passage for the version for welding to the wall or

passage. This type of frame is suitable for applications such as containers,

steel constructions, marine industry, tanks, etc. Assembly is done by installation

of the largest cable sizes and appropriate modules, such that we start from the

lower modules upwards. Between each module layer, a spacing plate is

installed to facilitate error-free installation during the pushing process. Naturally,

each layer must be fitted with the same outer module diameter so that

assembly can be done. At the end, the compression wedge that seals the

passage is fitted.








Type HCX

 Type: HCX

This type of frame is intended for wall up or bolting. These passages are the

most common and are intended mainly for the building industry and

telecommunications. The standard design is steel; upon request stainless

steel frames are supplied. The assembly procedure for the interior is the same

as applies to type HMX; the frame as such can be walled up or bolted. In the

case of this frame, it is necessary to apply intumescent  mastic between the

wall and the frame so that we eliminate eventual  unevenness between the two

surfaces and prevent eventual penetration of water or humidity.







Fixed frame


 This type of frame is suitable for installation of new cables or ducts.

















Divided frame


 This type of divided frame can be used for already existing cable installations, or

 ducts for additional sealing of the passages without any necessity to remove

 already installed cables.

Multiple frame

 For installation of more demanding cable passages with a larger number of

 cables, or necessity to separate certain cable bunches, it is possible to use

 multiple frames.

Cable modules

 For the inner space of the frame and cable

installations, typical module series are

used whereby each module offers a range

of 3mm for the cable size. Both halves of

the module are colour-coded for better

visual check.


Blinding module

 If in the design of cable passages and, eventually, reserves for planned future

 cables, you need to fill a place in the passage, we use sealing modules, which

 are in the same type series as the cable modules. Again, it must have the same

 outer dimensions as the cable modules.








Compression system

 For installation of type HMX A HCX frames, we need a compression system. The

compression system can be collapsed into 3 components, such that it is easy

to insert two outer parts of the compression system into the compressed

installed module with an compression tool, after which the compression tool is

released and the third, middle part of the compression system is inserted. After

this, the 3 nuts on the compression system are tightened and perfectly press all

the installed modules, thus sealing the cable transit.






Compression Tool 

 For error-free assembly of the transit, it is essential before installation of the

 modules to slide out the last layer of the frame with the pressure plate of the

 compression system, install the rest of the modules (at this stage, the limiting

 plate is no longer used) and the assembly wedge is fitted at the centre, which

 upon tightening acts as a jack. We compress the modules of the frame in such

 a way that it is possible to insert the two side parts of the compression system

 along the sides of the assembly wedge.






Pulling Device

 In case of dismounting of the HMX and HCX frame, it is necessary to use a

pulling element, which acts as a puller. Without this puller, it is not possible to

remove the centre piece of the compression system, even when you loosen the

nuts. It is only after removing the centre piece of the compression system using

this puller, that you can slide the compression tool into the created gap, you

press the modules in such a way that it is possible to also remove both side

pieces of the compression system and then release the compression tool  and

remove it from the frame. After this, you can easily make adjustments without

any problem.





 The stayplate is inserted between each module layer, excluding the top layer.

 The function of the plate is important, because it ensures proper pushing of the

 modules over the entire width of the layer and the transit is thus perfectly sealed.










Lubrication gel

 Lubrication gel is an important and essential component of the cable.transit. it is

 necessary to lubricate all the inner parts of the frame and modules used in

 assembly because this guarantees faultless positioning of all assembly

 components of the passage and hence perfect sealing of all the transiting

 cables or ducts.








Intumescent Mastic

 Intumescent mastic is used in the assembly of the HCX. frame The caused is

applied between the wall and the border of the frame, thus leading to sealing of

any eventual gaps (caused by wall surface unevenness) between the frame and

the wall and thus prevents eventual penetration of water or humidity into the





Photo from installation


















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