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T&B Conduit – Introduction & Product Catalog

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T&B Conduit – Introduction & Product Catalog

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T&B Fact :

From power transmission lines crisscrossing the countryside, local service entrance connections, outlet boxes in the wall, electrical conduit in the ceiling, our products help control the constant – and increasing – flow of electrical power and data. We offer one of the broadest product ranges in the industry, supplying over 70% of the items used in a typical electrical application – be it commercial, industrial or residential construction, equipment maintenance and repair or original equipment manufacturing. We also provide market-leading commercial heating and ventilation products, connectivity solutions for cable TV, protection against voltage surges and lightning and emergency lighting.
Whether hidden behind walls or concealed inside machinery or appliances, it’s a good bet that T&B products are present wherever electricity is required.

Thomas & Betts is committed to delivering innovative, high quality products that lower the installed cost for electricians, contractors, technicians, engineers and other professionals in our core markets. Our global family includes some of the best-known brand names in the construction, industrial, communications, retail electrical and OEM industries.

Thomas & Betts offers more than 30,000 high-quality products marketed under a variety of market-leading brand names. Designed to help passively conduct electricity, Thomas & Betts products are found everywhere electricity is used — inside commercial and industrial buildings, in homes and schools, inside complex machinery and original equipment, in the power generating plant and distribution network, outside your home and underground.

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