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Beranda » ELECTRICAL » CONDUIT » Thomas & Betts 5353 3/4″ 90deg Liquidtight Angle Connector Elbow, Insulated Steel

Thomas & Betts 5353 3/4″ 90deg Liquidtight Angle Connector Elbow, Insulated Steel

Kode : TB5353
Berat : 600 gram
Kondisi : Baru
Kategori : CONDUIT, T&B
Dilihat : 372 kali
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Thomas & Betts 5353 3/4″ 90deg Liquidtight Angle Connector Elbow, Insulated Steel

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TB 5353

3/4″ T&B Malleable Iron Insulated Liquidtight Flexible Metal Conduit 90° Angle Fitting (Elbow)

Simple Description :
Item Number: 5353
Manufacturer: Thomas & Betts
Item Category: Fittings
Subcategory: Conduit and Cable Connectors
Series: 52/53
Conduit/Cable Type: Liquid Tight FMC (Flexible Metallic Conduit)
Connection Type: Compression
Angle: 90 Deg
Trade Size: 3/4 in
Hub Size: 3/4 in
Grounding Lug: No
Insulated Throat: Yes
Jacketed: No
Material: Malleable Iron Insulated
Composition: Metallic
Max. NEMA Rating: FB1
Approvals: UL;CSA
Hazardous Rated: No
H x W x D (in.): 2.45 x 2.35 x 1.5
Net Weight: 5.92 OZ
Gross Weight: 5.92 OZ



  • Hub Size: 3/4″
  • Conduit Size: 3/4″
  • Material: Steel
  • Sealing Ring and Insulator: All Thermoplastic
  • Sealing Gasket: Stainless Steel and Santoprene
  • Finish: Electro Zinc Plated with Chromate Coating


  • Used where flexible metal raceway is installed in outdoor or indoor locations where exposed to continuous or intermittent moisture
  • To positively bond conduit to box or enclosure


• Ability to install quickly with low torque effort.
• Ground cone design offers following advantages:
(1) Compresses metallic convolutions; provides high quality ground contact with low impedance and high raceway holding power.
(2) Single helical thread on ground cone is easy to install without cross threading; accepts variations in raceway diameters and
convolution pitch.
(3) Rolled over edge protects conductors.

Sealing ring design has following exclusive features:
(1) Grips and seals at leading and trailing edge—will not abrade raceway jacket.
(2) Provided with grooves on inside diameter for anti-sleeving.
(3) Shoulders on both ends for extra sealing.
(4) Symmetrical shape assures foolproof assembly.

• Can be disconnected and reused
• Watertight/oiltight installation at box or enclosure termination is assured by:
(1) External taper thread hub on 5331 series and use of sealing gasket 5262 series.
(2) Captive sealing ‘O’ ring on 5361 series.
(3) Taper tapped hole on 5271series.

• Suitable for use in Class I Division 2, Class II Division 1 and 2 and Class III Division 1 and 2 Hazardous Locations per CEC Section 18.
Class I, Zone 2, CEC Rule 18-156 (6)
Class I, Div. 2, CEC Rule J18-152 (3)
Class II, Div. 1 CEC Rule 18-202 (4) (b)
Class II, Div. 2, CEC Rule 18-252 (4)
Class III, Div.1 CEC Rule 18-302 (4)
Class III, Div. 2 CEC Rule 18-352
• CEC Rule 12-1306 stipulates “a separate bonding conductor shall be installed in liquidtight flexible conduit in accordance with section 10”.
• 1/2” and 1-1/4” sizes Laboratory tested to carry ground fault current of up to 1000 amps RMS with duration of fault current 3 cycles.
• Conforms with JIC requirements.
• Available with imperial, I.S.O. and PG threaded hub.



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