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Beranda » ELECTRICAL » RAYCHEM WCSM-33/8-1000/S/(S10) Heat Shrink

RAYCHEM WCSM-33/8-1000/S/(S10) Heat Shrink

Kode : EN20494
Berat : gram
Kondisi : Baru
Kategori : ELECTRICAL, Raychem
Dilihat : 1.013 kali
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RAYCHEM WCSM-33/8-1000/S/(S10) Heat Shrink

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/ EN20494
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LOT : EN20494

Type : WCSM




Here is an explanation of the nomenclature for Raychem’s WCSM 33/8:

  1. Raychem is the manufacturer.  Raychem has been in the heat shrinkable products industry for decades making products for the energy, telecommunications and pipeline industries.  Raychem is currently owned and held in the Tyco Electronics family of energy and electrical product lines.
  2. WCSM is a heavy wall, heat shrink tubing.
  3. The first number: 33 is the inside diameter of the tubing as supplied in millimeters.
  4. The second number:  8 is the inside diameter of the heat shrink tube if it completely shrinks.  Most of the time in the real world; a heat shrink sleeve does not fully shrink because the substrate prevents it from fully shrinking.  This is a good thing and by design because this way, the heat shrink tube puts pressure on the adhesive sealant; filling voids and putting pressure to insure a good bond is made.
  5. The third number is the length of the tube.  1000mm.  This product would also commonly be sold in a 1000 millimeter length (39.37″)
  6. The final “-S” simply indicates that this WCMS 33/8-1000-S is supplied with an adhesive sealant internally coated in the tubing.  This sealant is designed to bond extremely well to PE and other possible substrates.

WCSM is a heatshrinkable heavy-wall tubing for insulating and sealing power cables and accessories. WCSM material is halogen free and UV resistant. WCSM tubing’s mechanical strength enables immediate back-filling of cable trenches after jointing. It is widely used to insulate, protect and seal power cable joints, accessories and electrical connections.

  • Fast cost effective way to waterproof joints
  • Low voltage underground jointing and terminations
  • Sealing of lugs and glands
  • Resistant to chemicals, corrosion and decay
  • Operating Temperature range -40°C to 120°C
  • Shrink ratio 4:1
  • Adhesive wall
  • Voltage class 1kV
  • Black Colour
  • Other lengths available on request.
  • All lengths subject to standard cutting tolerances
  • Sealant lined
  • Halogen free


Thick-wall, heat-shrinkable tubing for general electrical insulation and sealing purposes.
The tubing is weathering and UV-resistant and adhesive coated.
Temperature range: – 40°C to +90°C
Dielectric strength: 14 kV/mm
Colour: black
Delivery form: adhesive coated, 1 m cut lengths
Recommended Aplication diameter : min. 9mm / max.30.
Order Code : WCSM 33/8-1000/S
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