NEER Duct Seal Compound

NEER Duct Seal Compound

neer duct seal compound


DC-50 Neer Duct Seal Compound

Synthetic Polymer; Bag Container Type; 5 LB Container Size; Gray Color; 25 to 120 Deg F Temperature Rating; Application Junction Box; Asbestos Free



Neer sealer is used primarily by the building and specically
by the electrical trade to seal around junction boxes, flashings
and service mast entries. It can be shaped by hand to any form
and reused if necessary. Neer duct seal has countless other
applications in the refrigeration, heating and cooling, plumbing
and metal-fabrication fields. It is an excellent general purpose
sealant around the home.
• FDA Approved as listed in CFR, Title 21 being composed of
ingredients acceptable for packaging and transporting food.
• Chemically acceptable to the U.S.D.A. for use in meat and
poultry processing areas under Federal Inspection.
• Dielectric strength: approximate 100 volts per mil
(ASTM D149-64).
• Resistivity: 1.5.1 @ 212 °F/100 °C. .4.8 x 109 ohm-cm 1.5.2
after 96 hours @ 239 °F/115 °C. .4.8 x 1010 ohm-cm (ASME
power test code of 1965, Section 40.5).
• Neer duct seal may be painted immediately after application
and will not bleed through the dry paint film.
• Non-corrosive: will not corrode metal.
• Non-irritant: no irritation to eyes or skin as listed in CFR, Title
16, “Appraisal of the safety of chemicals in food, drugs and
• This sealer is a gray, permanently soft, non-toxic, non-volatile
compound which will adhere to most clean, dry surfaces.

Physical and Chemical Characteristics
• Base: non-drying synthetic polymers and oils.
• No unpleasant odor.
• Temperature tolerance range: -30 °F/-34.4 °C to 175 °F/
79.4 °C. Will not slump at 275 °F/135 °C for brief periods.
• Fillers: saturated mineral fillers and other inert ingredients.
• Cone penetration: (ASTM D217-52T) modifed to total moving
load of 300 gm., 5 sec. @ 77 °F/25 °C; 100-115 mm/10.
• Non-volatile (solids): 100.
• Specified gravity: 1.65 to 1.7 (ASTM D71-72).
• Temperature usage range (recommended): 25 °F/-3.9 °C to
120 °F/48.9 °C.
• Shelf life: unlimited.
Certifications and Compliances
• UL Standard: 723
• UL Listed: R11682



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