Ingin teras / kanopi / carport / gudang / gedung bangunan anda dingin, kedap suara, tidak berisik, tahan asam/garam dan kimia serta tidak berkarat?

Aplikasi ROOFTOP dapat digunakan untuk atap gudang dan pabrik, atap peternakan dan agrikultur, atap bangunan komersial, canopi garasi.

ROOFTOP merupakan product inovasi dr PT SDP Surabaya. Design industri berupa atap corrugated uPVC sudah dipatentkan oleh PT SDP Surabaya.

ROOFTOP adalah atap uPVC pertama di indonesia dan satu satunya di Indonesia, dengan banyak keunggulan yang diberikan.
ROOFTOP cocok untuk bangunan dan industri yang berada di daerah korosif dekat laut,atau lokasi yang pekat dengan kandungan asam dan garam, ROOFTOP sangatlah ideal karena terbuat dari bahan uPVC yang tidak akan mungkin berkarat selamanya dan sangat tahan terhadap bahan kimia.


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Keunikan dan Keunggulan:

  • Mampu memantulkan panas hingga 70%
  • Mampu meredam suara hingga 15 db
  • Anti karat dan sangat cocok untuk cuaca tropis
  • Tahan lama dan lentur
  • Tidak memerlukan perawatan khusus, sangat efisien dan tepat
  • Proses instalasi sangat cepat dan mudah
  • Tahan terhadap beban dan benturan serta bahan kimia

Spesifikasi RoofTop

  • Effective width
  • length (max)
  • Material
  • Overall Thickness
  • Range Reng / Gording
  • Tiltangel
  • Weight
  • Order Size
  • Type
  • Color
  • 770 mm
  • Sesuai permintaan, max 12 meter
  • uPVC with AntiUV & Heat Stabilzer
  • 10 mm
  • *1.0 meter
  • *15�
  • 4.2 kg M’
  • Sesuai permintaan, max 12 meter
  • Doff and Semi Transparan
  • Light blue & White


ROOFTOP Installation

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Brosur ROOFTOP 1


Petunjuk Instalasi Rooftop1









HARGA DAN PEMESANAN Bisa Menghubungi : NINA  0823 3170 9262 / 0813 3334 0935


The roof is the most, if not one of the most important component of a building. Whether it is residential houses, commercial buildings, office buildings, warehouses, or factories the roof plays an important role as the first line of defense against the elements, such as rain, wind, and extreme heat.

a.rooftop8Introducing, Rooftop®, a corrugated vinyl roofing product made from high performance PVC and tested to comply with international standards. PVC is a high performance and a highly sustainable material; it has been proven to have a service life of up to 35 years. The nonexistence of maintenance and replacement costs over the guaranteed period of time, represent a considerable amount of saving over the cost of alternative materials.

Roofs serve to protect the building, and thus having a durable roof is an utmost importance. Rooftop® double wall corrugated design is engineered to provide maximum durability at a cost-effective price. Rooftop® has a superior weatherability, resistance to chemical substances, high tensile strength, and many more benefits that come with a 10-years limited warranty.

Rooftop® interlock system ensures a precise installation and leaves no gaps between the roofs. Combined with Roofseal® (our effective product alternative of waterproofing), Rooftop® ensure that you will never have to worry about leakage ever again.

Rooftop® is manufactured using tools and equipment from the best manufacturers in the field with the technical expertise and support. Every step of the production is completed under the care of skilled workers and professional engineers as well as monitored thoroughly by our quality management team to ensure the continual excellence of our product.

rooftop specification

Overall Width:
820 mm
Effective Width:
770 mm (after overlap)
6/8/10/12 m / Custom*
High Performance uPVC with UV Protection
Light Blue
Custom Color*
Tilt Angle:
Purlin Range/Distance:
1.2 M
Opaque (Solid Color)
Semi Tranparent
Overall Thickness:
10 mm
4.2 kg/m’ or 5.45 kg/m²
* Minimum order quantity applies
** Recommended


Rooftop® is ideal and applicable in any types of building. Besides being used as a roofing, Rooftop® can also be used as cladding for your wall. The application of Rooftop® is only limited by your imagination. The application of Rooftop® is including, but not limited to:

  1. Factory (Chemical, Food, Salt, and any other factory.)
  2. Warehouse
  3. Residential Building (Canopy, Carport, Roofing, Gazebo, etc.)
  4. Commercial Building (Mall, Restaurant, etc.)
  5. Sport Center & Stadium
  6. Agricultural & Farming Industry
  7. Parking Lot Carport
  8. Religious Building
  9. School and Educational Institution Building
  10. Office Building

To get a better insight of how Rooftop® looks like after installation, we would like to invite you to check some of our finished projects here.


Rooftop® comes in two types to cater your roofing needs.

Opaque Rooftop


Opaque Rooftop® provides maximum heat protection and other benefits. Opaque Rooftop® sheet shields your building from the sun’s heat, UV radiation, and ray.

Semi Translucent Rooftop


Semi Transparent Rooftop® provides the same maximum protection against heat and other great benefits with the addition of light permeability feature. With this feature, Rooftop® semi transparent roof is able to allow up to 20% of light to go through, which can help to save energy during daytime since you can take advantage of the sun’s ray while at the same time still protected from the sun’s heat and UV radiation.


Top Ridge


Excellent accessories for normal gable roof, adds extra protection against leakage as well as aesthetic values for your roof.














Roofseal® is our innovative products designed to replace traditional waterproofing. Every self drilling screw has a rubber part that works as a seal to prevent water from leaking through the drilled part. However, overtime, the sun’s heat and UV radiation will deteriorate the rubber and makes it brittle. When it becomes brittle, it can crack and rain water can leak through the crack. Roofseal® is our answer to solve this problem. It is made of the same material as Rooftop® and thus, it can withstand the sun’s heat and UV radiation without any problem.








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tolak panas

Best heat insulation

reflect heat up to 71%

Rooftop® is made of a high performance PVC (polyvinyl chloride) resin with anti UV and heat protection additives. The main material used, PVC has a low thermal conductivity, which means that it does not conduct heat as easily compared to other Roofing with different materials. Our special anti UV and heat protection additives ensure that up to 71% of heat emitted by the Sun is reflected, while the rest is absorbed and insulated by Rooftop® double-wall structure.

kedap suara

Best noise insulation

reduce noise up to 15 db

The double wall structure and twin-wall air cavity that Rooftop® has can reduce noise up to 15 db. This is particularly beneficial during rainy season since it can significantly reduce raindrop noise.

tidak akan berkarat

immune to corrosion

Perfect For Tropical Weather

Rooftop® main material, PVC is famously known to be a rust-proof material. This means that you can rest assure and do not have to worry about any corrosion that may occur since Rooftop® is immune to corrosion even in the harshest climate. This is especially beneficial in tropical countries where the humidity level is very high.

kuat menahan beban

Durable & Resilient

support weight up to 540 Kg

Rooftop® durability and long product lifespan comes from its corrugated double-wall structure as well as the usage of high performance PVC and additives. Rooftop® is very durable, has good mechanical strength properties and can support weight up to 540 kg.

instalasi cepat

Time efficient

Quick & easy installation

Due to its sturdiness, workers can safely walk on Rooftop® sheets during installation process. This will save time since workers are not only limited to step on the purlin during installation. Furthermore, Rooftop® interlock system makes it very easy to connect or install each roofing sheets. Lastly, unlike other roofing products, Rooftop® only requires 4 SDS (self drilling screw) for every square meter.

ekonomis perawatan mudah


Low maintenance Cost

Rooftop® corrugated roofing virtually does not require any maintenance. Rooftop® will never corrode, is very durable, and have excellent chemical as well as impact resistant properties. Therefore you should never have to worry about spending any additional money for maintenance. On top of that, the 10 years limited warranty that Rooftop® provides ensure that you will have the best value for your roofing investment.

tahan bahan kimia

Extremely Durable

Excellent impact & chemical resistance

Besides being immune to corrosion, PVC is also notably known to be a material that has an excellent resistance against chemical substances. PVC can resist various types of acids, bases and salts, which contributes to its immunity against rust. In addition to the chemical resistance, impact modifiers additive inside Rooftop®’s composition ensure that it will not shatter easily during impact.

tembus cahaya hemat energi

Light permeability

Energy Conservation

One of our product variance, the semi-transparent Rooftop® roofing profile, offer as much as 20% light permeability. This means that during day time you can save money by taking advantage of the sun’s ray to illuminate the environment instead of wasting energy and money by turning on the lights.

rooftop gambar
Kelebihan Atap Upvc Rooftop
  • Ruangan di dalam sejuk tanpa perlu insulasi
  • Rongga udara twin wall semakin mengurangi panas
  • tidak akan berkarat selamanya, tahan terhadap asam dan garam
  • anti bocor
  • lapisan anti-UV
  • tidak menjalarkan listrik
  • hemat rangka dan gording
  • telah umum dipakai di eropa dan negara-negara Asia lainnya
  • Tersedia dalam tipe Solid ( 0% tembus cahaya) dan semi transparan (20% tembus cahaya)
  • Sangat kuat, tidak akan pecah meski diinjak
  • Menggunakan interlock system
  • Tahan terhadap asam dan garam
  • Kedap suara ( tidak berisik) saat hujan
Pilihan Warna Rooftop
Pilihan Warna Rooftop
Spesifikasi Teknis Atap Upvc Rooftop
  • Lebar Efektif : 770 Mm
  • Panjang Max : 12M
  • Bahan Baku : Upvc Dengan Uv Protection & Heat Stabilizer
  • Tebal Keseluruhan : 10Mm
  • Jarak Reng/ Gording : * 1, 2 M ( Max) ( Disarankan )
  • Sudut Kemiringan : * 15 Derajat ( Disarankan )
  • Berat : ± 4, 2 Kg/ M1 Or 5, 45 Kg/ M2
  • Tipe : Doff Dan Semi Transparan
  • Pilihan Warna : Biru Muda Dan Putih
Atap Upvc Rooftop, Dapat Digunakan Pada :
  • Atap Gudang & Pabrik
  • Peternakan & Agrikultur
  • Mall, Ruko, Gor Dan Bangunan Komersial Lainnya
  • Teras, Canopy & Garasi
  • Dan Lain Lain
Penyimpanan & Instalasi
Penyimpanan & Instalasi Atap Rooftop
Cara Penyimpanan Atap Upvc Rooftop
  • Jauhkan Dari Api Dan Pemanas
  • Hindarkan Kontak Langsung Dengan Lantai/ Tanah Dan Benda Tajam / Keras Lainnya
Instalasi Dan Pemotongan Atap Upvc Rooftop :
  • Untuk Hasil Yang Rata, Dan Sesuai Dengan Keinginan, Pemotongan Sebaiknya Dilakukan Dengan Menggunakan Mesin Pemotong ( Gerinda).
  • Instalasi Dapat Menggunakan Alat Pertukangan Biasa Seperti Meteran, Obeng, Bor, Dan Sebagainya.

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