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Griplok® tube fittings use a dual ferrule compression seal to provide leak-tight connections.  Griplok tube fitting adapters can be used to connect tube to flared and ORFS tube, to NPT, SAE, O-seal  pipe, and to  tube and pipe weld connections.

Tube Fitting Male Connector, Union Tee and 45° Male Elbow - Griplok

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  • MAWP: 12,000 psig*
  • Temperature Range: -325 to 1200°F
  • Materials: 316 SS, Alloy 400, C-276, and brass.  Other materials are available.
  • Sizes: 1/16 to 1 in.
  • Adapters: NPT, ISO/BSP, SAE/MS, AN, weld, O-seal, tube stub, port connectors, hose, and ORFS.
  • Shapes:  Straight, elbows, tees, crosses, caps, plugs
  • Special fittings:  Bulkhead and extended (long), bore through, positionable, calibration and dielectric fittings.
  • Accessories: Stop collars, bulkhead locks, nut and ferrule sets, tools and accessories

*Griplok tube fittings are rated to the maximum allowable pressure rating of the tubing they connect.

Gyrolok® and Griplok Tube Fittings Intermix and Interchangeability

Griplok tube fittings are designed, manufactured, quality controlled and distributed to be totally “interchangeable”with the Hoke® Gyrolok® brand of tube fittings.  The precision manufacturing of both products to stringent tolerances under rigid quality control procedures ensures the safety, performance and reliability of service whenever Gyrolok and Griplok tube fittings component parts are mixed and used in accordance with published installation and service.

Griplok Technology

Griplok tube fittings use a two-ferrule design with sophisticated geometry, precise machining, unsurpassed material quality, to provide a leak-tight remakeable seals even in applications having high vibration and extreme temperature changes. This leak-tight seal is the result of the sequential interaction of the nut, the front and back ferrules, the body, and the tubing.


Griplok tube fitting straight configurations are machined from type 316 stainless steel cold-finished bar stock in accordance with ASTM A-276 and ASTM A-479. Elbows, tees and crosses, are machined from close-grained 316 stainless steel forgings in accordance with ASTM A-182. All 316 stainless steel. All components are heat code traceable.  Certified material test reports (CMTRs) are available.


SSP and SSP distributors provide extensive tube fitting installation training.  The course covers tube fitting installation, tube selection and cutting and preparing tubing, and tube bending.


Griplok tube fittings have been tested and approved by the following organizations:
•  American Bureau of Shipping
•  TUV ECE R110
•  Griplok Technical Report
•  PG&E Approval

Tools and Accessories

SSP offers tools and accessories to support Tube fitting assembly and installation and tube cutting, preparation, and bending.
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