CIGWELD COMET S/heating Tip SHP2 Oxy/LPG Size36x12HT PART NUMBER: 307119 Features: – Provides efficient, economical high intensity heat – Heavy copper head for heat and wear resistance – Spanner adjustable flats milled into tip – Gas pressure and identification stamped on every tip PRODUCT INFORMATION: Gas Consumption (Fuel) 75 l/min Gas Consumption (Oxy) 300 l/min Heat Output 420 MJ/HR Operating Pressure (Fuel) 100 kPa Operating Pressure (Oxy) 600 kPa Tip Size 36×12]]>

CIGWELD COMET Heating Tip Oxy/Acet Size 8x12HT

CIGWELD COMET Heating Tip Oxy/Acet Size 8x12HT




CIGWELD  COMET Heating Tip Oxy/Acet Size 8x12HT

Part Number: 307007

Heating tip for connection to the standard COMET 3 Mixer (p/n 304002)


  • Oxygen/Acetylene Delivers up to 180 MJ/hr
  • Compact simple design for ease of cleaning
  • Heavy copper construction helps conduct heat away from the tip face, keeps the tip cool and prevents flashbacks




Model Number 8×12 HT
Tip Size 8 x 12
Operating Pressure: Oxy 150 kPa
Operating Pressure: Fuel 100 kPa
Gas Consumption: Oxy 45-58 l/min
Gas Consumption: Fuel 41-55 l/min
Heat output 180 MJ/HR
Blowpipe COMET 3
Mixer 304002
Extension Barrel N/A