Weld-On 724 Solvent Cement Is Resistant To Aggressive Chemicals

A simple solution to difficult situations is always welcome, and where solvent cementing systems carrying aggressive chemicals is concerned, we’ve got the answer.

Existing products for this duty require repeated application of water-thin solutions and cements, and depend upon a tight interference fit between the pipe and fitting to make a good joint. “Weld-On 724” has a heavy bodied, thixotropic formulae, and can be brush applied using traditional solvent welding methods. It has excellent gap-filling properties, and can be used on both PVC-U or PVC-C piping systems.


Used in conjunction with “Weld-On P70 Primer”, “Weld-On 724” cement is reliable, fast and easy to work with in difficult site conditions. Once assembled, a finished joint is resistant to high concentrations of sulphuric, hydrochloric, nitric and hydrofluoric acids. These fluids will chemically attack standard pipe cements, and can lead to potential joint failure.

724 Cement is just one of a number of speciality cements we carry. For information on the full range, or 724 in particular, please get in touch.