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ARCAIR K4000 – Air Carbon Arc Gouging Torch

Kode : ARC-K4000
Berat : 3700 gram
Kondisi : Baru
Kategori : ARCAIR
Dilihat : 803 kali
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ARCAIR K4000 – Air Carbon Arc Gouging Torch

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ARCAIR K4000 – Air Carbon Arc Gouging Torch


Included Features 7Ft. (2.1M) swivel cable assembly & hook-up kit
Heavy-duty insulators, lever, and handle that are all made from fiberglass reinforced thermoset polyester molding compound to withstand the heat and be impact resistant.
Forged 1-piece brass alloy body machined to close tolerances on the valve & head seat.
Head assembly machined from copper alloy having four (4) air holes optimizing the air flow to the arc.
Lever spring rated at 225 lbs. per inch providing excellent clamping pressure on the air carbon-arc electrode.
Industrial Applications Heavy-Duty Fabrication / Shipyards / Railroads / Foundries
Amperage Capacity Up to 1000 Amp
Carbon Electrode Range Pointed / Jointed: 5/32″ (4.0mm) to 1/2″ (12.7mm)
Flat: 3/8″ (9.5mm) x 5/32″ (4.0mm)
  Flat:  5/8″ (15.9mm) x 3/16″ (4.8mm)
Half Round : 3/8″ (9.5mm) x 5/32″ (4.0mm)
Air Requirement Pressure: 80psi (5.6kg/cm2)
Flow Rate: 25 cfm (708 L/Min)
Weight (lbs. / grams) 8.05 lbs. (3.65kg)



  • Reliable torch design – market leader for over 60+ years
  • Natural 15 degree torch angle – greater operator comfort
  • Positive grip handle – greater operator feel and ease in positioning torch
  • Durable front insulators – high impact and heat resistant, protects the torch metal parts
  • Swivel cable – less cable twist and less strain on the operator
  • Reduced weight – optimum cable and torch weight to minimize fatigue
  • High quality cable hose – best quality cable hose offers high heat and abrasion resistance, non-conductive
  • Power and air connection fully enclosed – protects the electrical connection from touching the work when in operation and eliminates the need to insulated with electrical tape
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